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2024 Flu Vaccination Proposal

In 2021 AVS introduced a new employee vaccination reimbursement system to complement our onsite vaccination and pharmacy voucher programs.

We have seen this as a great addition to the vouchers and onsite clinics, as for many individuals, the process of receiving a vaccine can require something extra. Some were visiting their family doctor or preferred a vaccine type not covered by the standard voucher program, i.e. cell-based flu vaccine.

The reimbursement system allows our clients and their employees to receive vaccinations at any GP, medical centre or pharmacy outside our current AVS network of partnering locations.

Employees submit their reimbursement requests to AVS, and AVS reimburse them directly for the cost of the vaccination they received once the claim has been approved.

Our clients can set the maximum reimbursement amount an employee can claim. However, our clients must authorise all reimbursement to ensure that only those that are meant to be able to claim are paid.

By AVS processing the reimbursement request, our clients will significantly decrease the amount of administration required (and the associated costs with that administration) to process similar claims internally.

Each month, AVS invoices for the cost of all reimbursements made, plus a small administration fee for each reimbursement processed by AVS.

2024 Flu Vaccination Proposal

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