Expanding Flu Vaccination: Enhancing Health and Economic Well-being in New South Wales

Herd immunity occurs when a sufficient portion of the population is vaccinated, significantly reducing the likelihood of disease transmission.

Current influenza vaccination strategies primarily focus on the most vulnerable populations. While this is crucial, recent studies suggest that a broader approach, including vaccinating young and healthy individuals, could yield significant health and economic benefits. This article delves into the potential impacts of such a strategy in New South Wales (NSW), Australia, highlighting the importance … Read more

Importance of Workplace Vaccinations for 2024

A woman who is sick with the flu, holds a tissue to her face whilst seated with her colleagues at a boardroom table.

With Influenza transmission persisting and prolonging in the community more so in 2023 than in previous years, it is even more important to prepare and prevent infection in high-risk workplaces such as childcare centres, hospitals, residential care facilities and all who deal with people face to face or biological hazards. Workplace outbreaks can significantly disrupt … Read more

Australia Grapples with Severe Flu Season

A woman, suffering from the effects of the flu, holds a tissue to her nose.

As the Southern Hemisphere winter grips Australia, the nation has faced an alarming peak in influenza cases at the end of June, marking a significant delay of two weeks compared to the previous year. This surge has placed the 2023 flu season among the most severe since 2019, with a staggering 13.5% increase in flu … Read more