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Workplace COVID-19 Vaccinations

We are one of the limited authorised organisations that can administer onsite corporate Covid-19 vaccination programs under the Department of Health’s National Vaccine Administration Partners Program (VAPP)

We are authorised to administer Covid-19 vaccinations in the workplace. We were appointed by the Department of Health to the National Vaccine Administration Partners Program (VAPP) in 2022. 

Booster vaccinations are available to people aged 18 years and over and who had their second dose more than six months ago.

Getting the booster vaccination has not been made mandatory by the Government, however it is highly recommended as it will strengthen your immune system and help maintain a high level of protection against serious illness from the COVID-19 virus. We have previously spoken about the benefits to business of reducing employee absenteeism with robust staff flu vaccinations, minimising disruption to the workplace, and this remains pertinent with the increased risk of Covid-19 infection. 

AVS are currently scheduling onsite Covid-19 booster vaccination clinics for 2024 and with anticipated high interest as more people return-to-work onsite either entirely or in hybrid workplace/work-from-home arrangements, we highly recommend booking a Covid-19 vaccination clinic early to secure dates and avoid disappointment.

Other than for Aged Care and Disability Services, the onsite Covid-19 vaccination program for booster shots is not being partially funded by the Federal Government. Organisations wishing to hold Covid-19 vaccination clinics at their workplace must fund the service (similar to a flu vaccination program).

In limited circumstances, coadministration of flu and Covid-19 vaccinations may be possible. Please let us know if this is something you are interested in, and AVS will phone to discuss whether it is possible based on your companies’ circumstances.

With more staff coming together to work in person in 2024, it remains important for organisations to remain proactive in reducing the impact to both employees and business from Covid-19 infection. Contact the team at Australian Vaccine Services for further information on the Covid-19 employee vaccination program or request a quote.

Workplace staff wearing face masks after receiving their COVID-19 booster vaccination
Business executive standing in the office giving 'all ok' sign after receiving her COVID-19 booster vaccination onsite at her workplace
Close-up of gloved nurse hand holding a syringe drawn with the COVID-19 vaccine in preparation for administering to workplace employees

Workplace Covid-19 Vaccination Program

Stage 1. Expression of Interest

Onsite flu vaccination program and Pharmacy Flu Voucher partnership with multiple major chains

Department of Health

Document and Approve

a. The Department of Health requires your company and AVS to enter into a Heads of Agreement (document to be provided by the Dept. of Health/AVS). 

b. Dept. of Health reviews the submission and approves clinics to be scheduled.

Stage 2. Scheduling

Nurse Availability

Room Requirements

a. Based on Room Requirements outlined by the Dept. of Health, clinics will be scheduled by AVS based on Nurse availability.

Stage 3. Clinic

flu and covid-19 vaccination needle

COVID-19 Vaccination


a. A minimum of 2 nurses will be required per clinic held onsite. (Use current wording for arrival/post vaccination time)

b. Based on 2 nurses vaccinating onsite, our nurses vaccinate on average 2 people per 5 minutes for a maximum of 20 an hour. Time will be assigned during each 60 minutes onsite for vaccines to be drawn up.

Stage 4. Completion

Australian Immunisation Register

Medicare Records

a. Upon completion of your clinic(s), AVS will update patient records to the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR), so that patient Medicare records are up to date.

Contact us for a quote

Australian Vaccine Services Workplace COVID-19 Vaccinations including Booster Shots

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If you would like to receive a quote for your corporate COVID-19 and flu vaccination program, please complete the enquiry form or alternatively, please email the sales team with the following information:

Company Name

  • Contact Number
  • Number of Employees
  • Estimated Number of COVID-19 Vaccinations
  • Number of Sites
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For all other enquires, please visit our contact page.