Employee Health Checks – The SiSU Health Check Partnership

Heart Disease is Australia’s leading cause of death, 79 Australians die from heart disease every day.

Australian Vaccine Services have partnered with SiSU to offer health check stations to businesses to keep track of their employee health. This medical grade device is available to business across Australia. The opportunity to keep track of your employee’s de-identified health status can benefit workplaces meeting their corporate wellbeing needs, while individuals can keep track of their health and implement practices to improve their health statistics via the SiSU App.

Benefits include boosting staff morale, reducing absenteeism by addressing health issues early, and subsequently creating a productive and effective team. By use of the machine, minimal disruption is caused as checks are conducted on site, by the individual. Using the machine regularly (recommended once a month) is a chance for employers and individuals to keep track and take control of their health with personalised health insights and proactive health management.

Limited Time Offer

For the first 6 months of 2024, businesses can hire the SiSU Health machine for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months and receive free access to the premium version of the SiSU Health Check App, which includes challenges, recipes and extra health features such as Heart age and exercise and weight loss programs.

An employee sitting at an SiSU Health Station in the workplace undertaking a health check.
*The SiSU Health Station™ is a Class IIa Medical device entered in ARTG (ID 317543)