AVS Redemption Portal

The AVS redemption system allows businesses to efficiently process employee vaccination reimbursements by reducing the administrative time and costs involved with processing these requests.

In 2021 AVS introduced a new employee vaccination reimbursement system to complement our onsite vaccination and pharmacy voucher programs.

The redemption systems give our clients and their employees the option to receive vaccinations at any GP, medical centre or pharmacy outside of our current AVS network of partnering locations.

Employees submit their reimbursement request to AVS, and AVS reimburse them direct for the cost of the vaccination they received.

Our clients can set the maximum reimbursement amount an employee can claim. All reimbursement must be authorised by our clients to ensure that only those that are meant to be able to climb are paid.

By AVS processing the reimbursement request, we will significantly decrease the amount of administration required (and the associated costs with that administration) by our clients to process similar claims internally.

Each month, AVS invoice for the cost of all reimbursements made, plus a small administration fee for each reimbursement processed by AVS.

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Send link to staff

A unique link for each client is created for them to provide to their staff. The reimbursement system can be advertised on the voucher system or be used as a standalone offering. 

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Employee has vaccination

Employee received vaccination from their preferred local pharmacy or medical centre.

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Employee lodges claim

Complete the online form, which includes the information we require to reimburse them. 
Information lodged includes: Name, email, amount being claimed, bank account and BSB number, as well as critical identifying criteria required by our clients, i.e., location, employee ID, reporting manager etc.

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Receipt confirmation

Employees will be emailed that the claim has been lodged and a claim number provided. They will be able to track the process of the claim. I.e., waiting for approval, approved – waiting for payment, paid. 

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Client coordinator reject/approve claim

Review those claimed, then reject/approve. If rejected, a note can be sent to the employee explaining the reason for the rejection.

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AVS reimburse employees

Once approved, AVS will refund the payment directly to the individual. AVS will process payments twice a month (likely to be 1st and 15th of each month).

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Monthly report to client

At the end of each month, we will submit a report with all redemptions, along with an invoice for the cost of all the claims made and a small administration fee for AVS to deliver the service.

Download AVS Redemption Poster (PDF)