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Looking for a national voucher model for your employees? See our health check voucher option.
Looking for a national voucher model for your employees? See our health check voucher option.

SiSU Health Station

Medical device providing employees with a rapid and non-invasive health assessment in the workplace.

Medical Grade* ISO 13485:2015 (Class IIa) certified 

Available for hire to use in the workplace (3 to 12 months + rental periods)

Employee Health Checks with SiSU

AVS and SiSU Health have partnered to provide AVS clients with access to Australia’s most cost effect solution for employee health checks.

An onsite health station offers greater flexibility, service and cost advantages over traditional health models.

Having a SiSU health station installed in your workplace gives employees convenient and unlimited access to health checks whilst the machine is onsite.  

Health checks, conducted by this machine, typically takes around 5 minutes and provides a comprehensive report with several key health indicators. 

An employee sitting at an SiSU Health Station in the workplace undertaking a health check.
*The SISU Health StationTM is a Class IIa Medical device entered in ARTG (ID 317543)
SiSu Health Station

SiSU Health

SiSU Health offers an automated digital preventative health solutions supporting wellbeing and providing health risk assessments. Along with market leading analytic reporting at the company level and for each employee, SiSU provide an easy-to-use health check using a medical-grade device called the SiSU Health Station. This is paired with the SiSU Health app, which is loaded with interactive tools for health improvement and positive health behavioural change.

They have partnered with hundreds of businesses, large and small, to assist them to achieve their health and wellbeing goals and support their workforce with data insights that inform ROI and health strategy direction. 4.7 million checks across 1.7 million individuals, and 821,000 referrals for high blood pressure or high BMI.

Promotional material will be provided by AVS/SiSU (such as posters, informational flyers, FAQ etc.) to help support your company’s ongoing health promotions. SiSU can also provide marketing support via the app and direct emails to staff that have signed up (optional).

What's Included SiSU Health Station Traditional Health Checks
Length of health check
5 Minutes
15-20 Minutes
Blood Pressure
Diabetes Risk
Cardiovascular Disease Risk
Body Composition (fat %)
Heart Age
30-day Weight Loss Challenge
Walking Challenges
Wearables Integration
Sustainable Weight Loss Program
Lifestyle Questions
Individual Data available via the SiSU app
Organisational Reporting
Repeat checks

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SiSU Premium App Access for Staff members

Employee using a rented SiSU Health Station in the workplace.

Actionable Organisational Health Station Data

SiSU’s comprehensive health reporting and analytics provide actionable, data-driven insights about the health and well-being of your workforce or community, without identifying individuals and compromising their trust and participation.

SiSU Health’s workplace health analytics are comprehensive and best-in-class. From detailed demographic profiles to extensive health risk insights across the population. Our Global Industry Health Benchmarking uses the world’s largest, real-time pool of de-identified, machine-measured employee health data to benchmark your organisation against both industry peers and the general population.

A monthly in-depth report will be provided to you for all onsite health assessments.

With a machine-measured pool of more than 600,000 health checks generated from nearly 700 organisations across 25 Industry Groups in four countries, SiSU’s benchmarking provides an objective view of the relative health of your organisation versus competitors and national population health survey data.

Employee Health Data and Insights

De-identified Health Data and Insights that is provided in a monthly-in-depth report includes health information pertaining to:

  • By Site, Location and Area
  • Age/Sex
  • High Blood Pressure (BP)
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • GP Recommendations
  • Trend Analytics
  • Health Risks
  • Productivity Analysis
  • Longitudinal impact. e.g., weight loss, reduction in high BP

Comprehensive, best-in-class workplace health analytics

Anonymised data reported from SiSU Health Station summarising employee health activity.
Employee Health and Activity Summary
Anonymised SiSU Health Risk Categories by Sex
High Risk Categories by Sex
SiSU Industry Health Benchmark Comparison

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Real-time employee health benchmarking

An onsite health station in the workplace provides many great benefits to both the business and its staff, however, we understand that it may not be the right fit for all organisations (e.g., small businesses, or businesses with a remote workforce), which is why we also offer health check vouchers that your staff can redeem at 310~ SiSU health check station locations across Australia. Learn more about our health check voucher service.  

If you prefer to talk to someone about what option may be right for you, call 1800 358 822

Does having a health station installed onsite at your site locations sound like a great idea? Do you have further questions? If so, request a no obligation quote or further information, and we will get back to you promptly.

SiSU Health Station and Health App

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