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Skin Check Clinic Vouchers

Skin Check Vouchers offer employees the convenience of undertaking a skin check offsite, at a skin cancer clinic that best suits them. Skin check vouchers are an excellent complement to onsite skin checks, when not all staff may be available to have their skin checked at work. They can also be of great benefit for workplaces that include remote workers, shift workers, and work from home personnel. 

*Only pay for skin check vouchers that are redeemed at the clinic

High Quality Skin Checks

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Skin Cancer Clinics


At our clinics, the individuals will undergo the same level of treatment as they would with the skin check in your workplace, with the added benefits of –

a. All moles with at-risk features dermoscopically imaged for expert Dermatologist diagnosis.

b. Personalised report indicating lesions that need treatment or further monitoring.

c. Follow-up appointments in clinic available for individuals that require further treatment (not included with initial voucher).

d. A wide range of locations for your employees, with an expanding network across Australia. Currently, there is over 120 clinic locations.

An employee having redeemed a skin check voucher is undertaking a skin check at one of the many skin cancer clinics in Australia.

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Skin Check vouchers are an easy, yet great way for businesses to provide each employee, convenient access to skin checks, at a time and location that best suits them.

Redeemable at a national network of skin cancer clinics

Early detection is vital to saving lives

Additional services included for Skin Check and Full Body Mole Map (additional cost) Skin Check 15 mins.
Head-to-toe skin and mole check for signs of skin cancer
Skin cancer education
All moles with at-risk features are dermoscopically imaged for expert Dermatologist diagnosis
Personalised report indicating lesions that need treatment or further monitoring
Dedicated clinic for any future follow-up clinics and treatment

Client Testimonials

Edgar Deluen
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Excellent customer service and highly reliable, we've been using AVS for several years now.They provide services Australia wide, which is essential for us. They have grown significantly in the past few years.
Matt Hare
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AVS have been excellent to work with over quite a number of years now, their team is always so helpful and friendly and quick to respond. I highly recommend engaging if you need pharmacy vouchers or flu shots - our team always find it quick and easy to book online each year.

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