Workplace Skin Checks

With two in three Australians diagnosed with skin cancer by the time they are 70, we aim to shine the light on the importance of prevention and early detection; PREVENT – CHECK – DETECT.

AVS has partnered with the country’s leading national provider of quality workplace skin checks.

It is recommended by the Cancer Council of Australia to become familiar with the look of your skin, so you can pick up any changes. These changes are difficult to assess, so having your skin checked regularly by a skin cancer detection specialist may assist in identifying suspicious lesions early.

Having a skin check also means being able to screen key areas of the body that are not easily accessible, for example, the back.

Skin checks at your workplace are performed using advanced SIAscopy medical technology. This innovative device allows our Practitioners to view up to 2mm underneath the skin. This significantly increases the ability to identify skin cancers in their early and most treatable stages.

Workplace Wellness Skin Checks are a great compliment to an existing workplace wellness program, or as a standalone service.

Our team is made up of female and male medical and dermal specialists that perform our onsite services. These specialists are certified through world leading organisations in the skin cancer training for Health Professionals, such as the Skin Cancer College Australasia.

This makes them some of the best skin cancer detection specialists in the country.

Man having his skin checked by a skin cancer detection specialist
Close up of a skin cancer doctor examining a mole on a persons back with a magnifying glass

Our onsite workplace skin checks are convenient, seamless and engaging for your employees. We offer two levels of Skin Check:

level 1 skin check icon

Level 1

10 minutes

  • Sun exposed parts of the body only.
  • No removal of clothing required.
  • Information handouts.
  • Results Card p/participant.

Level 2

15 minutes

  • Review the individual’s skin cancer history.
  • Perform a comprehensive skin cancer assessment.
  • Document and image any suspicious spots or moles.
  • Inform how to self-check for and prevent skin cancer.
  • Provide a recommendation to the participant’s GP or Skin Clinic, where they can undergo further screening/treatment.

All Skin Check Levels are inclusive of our SUPPORT SERVICES:

  • Skin Smart Relationship Manager
  • Online Booking System
  • Email & SMS Appointment Reminders
  • Recommendations to Seek Further Advice
  • Feedback System
  • Marketing Support
  • De-identified Company Report

Contact us or call us on 1800 358 822 for further information or to book your next Workplace Skin Check.

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